Healthy People 2030

The Healthy People initiative fosters a shared vision of public health across the United States. It establishes national priorities every 10 years to guide jurisdiction planning and data collection, which is supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Disease Prevention and Health Improvement (HHS ODPHP). Healthy People encourages alignment across regional goals and funding opportunities available for the related objectives. From 2020 to 2030, Healthy People strengthened its focus on well-being and included five major updates:

  1. Leading Health Indicators (LHIs) organized by life stage
  2. New Overall Health and Well-Being Measures
  3. New objective types
  4. Cross-cutting topic areas
  5. A reduction in the number of measurable objectives

Currently, ASTHO has two learning modules that can help health departments understand and work to implement Healthy People 2030:

  • Preparing for Healthy People 2030 – The purpose of this module is for learners to be able to identify the new types of objectives for Healthy People 2030 and learn about key updates to the framework. It includes a microlearning infographic with key changes to Healthy People 2030 and a series of miniature presentations that describe how the new framework can apply to a sample of public health areas. 
  • Healthy People 2030 Partnerships: Awareness to Implementation – The purpose of this module is for learners to understand the importance of Healthy People 2030 LHIs and to begin to incorporate target setting methods into their work. It includes clips from a virtual workshop hosted in June 2021 to support Healthy People state coordinators in moving from awareness to implementation of Healthy People 2030 with a focus on the LHIs and target setting methods.