Learning Sprints

  • Top Tips for Zoom Video Calls

    Now more than ever, video calls are the go-to for meetings and interviews, so it's important to look and sound your best. ASTHO’s Leadership Institute provides seven tips to get you Zoom ready. Learn how to set up your camera, which rooms in a home are best for audio, what you should wear, and more in our short video.

  • Interview Basics: Speaking Off the Record vs. On the Record vs. On Background

    In this microlearning video, Robert Johnson details the ethics of off-the-record, on-the-record, and on-background quotations, including the definitions used by journalists, the rules for each, and strategies to recognize the difference between the categories.

  • Writing a Great News Release

    In this microlearning, we cover the five essential elements of every compelling news release: the lede, a nut graf, supporting information, quotes, a closing paragraph, and a sample headline. Public relations expert Robert Johnson walks through everything you need to know to write concise, captivating news releases that attract attention.

  • How to Write an Op-Ed

    In this microlearning video, Robert Johnson, a media consultant and public relations expert with over 40 years of experience in the industry, outlines steps for successfully writing and publishing an op-ed.